Discover the extensive water sports opportunities at Pharshoeke on the Heegermeer. Enjoy sailing, canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding, and more. Rent a boat or sloop to explore the beautiful waters and experience the natural beauty of Friesland.

Please note: We are currently under construction at the park. Check the map to see where the works are.

Want to explore the surroundings too?

Explore the wonderful surroundings around Holiday Park Pharshoeke! From picturesque villages to beautiful nature, there's plenty to discover. Cycle along peaceful paths, stroll through historic streets, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Friesland!

Why choose De Pharshoeke?

    Unique location at Heegermeer

    Discover the beauty of Friesland from our holiday park at Heegermeer Lake.

    Located on a peninsula

    Enjoy the exclusivity of our park, located on a peninsula surrounded by water.

    Paradise for water sports enthusiasts

    For lovers of water sports, Pharshoeke offers a true paradise with many possibilities.

    Luxury villas with water view

    Stay in our luxurious villas and be greeted with stunning water views every morning.

    Various boating possibilities

    Explore the area by boat from our park, with numerous boating routes taking you to pretty villages.

    Plenty cycling and walking routes

    Explore the surroundings of Friesland with the extensive cycling and hiking possibilities in the area.