Heeg,a water sports village with a rich history

The village of Heeg originated at a junction of waterways. In this cozy village, you will find various marinas and boatyards, rental companies, charming restaurants, lovely shops, and excellent water sports facilities. But Heeg is also beloved by non-water sports enthusiasts, cyclists, and walkers. Explore the village by bike or on foot and marvel at the beautiful facades of the centuries-old buildings.

Heeg's beautiful location on the Heegermeer and the Fluessen makes the village a favorite among water sports enthusiasts. From the park, you can easily sail out onto the Heegermeer. From here, you have endless possibilities for both long and short trips. Through the Heegermeer and the Fluessen, you can reach the IJsselmeer, and the Slotermeer, Sneekermeer, and Tjeukemeer are also part of the impressive lake area. Wherever the wind takes you, from Heeg, every day is a joy. Sloten, Stavoren, Workum, Sneek, and Bolsward are definitely worth a visit.

If you are on vacation at Pharshoeke, you can also find your daily groceries in Heeg. The village has various shops catering to water sports enthusiasts, as well as a supermarket, a good bakery and an artisanal butcher.


Enjoying dining out in Heeg

The catering industry in Heeg is excellent. Discover the best dining spots and be surprised by the delicious flavors and cozy atmosphere of the various restaurants. From cozy eateries to culinary hotspots, there is something for everyone. Enjoy a tasty adventure in Heeg!

Route to the supermarket

From Pharshoeke, it's just a short drive, about 3 minutes by car. But if you prefer to enjoy a relaxing stroll, that's also an option; it's only an 11-minute walk. Whichever you choose, the supermarket is within easy reach!

Sailing route from Heeg

Explore the sailing routes from Heeg! With its location on the Heegermeer, Heeg offers a perfect starting point for enjoyable trips on the water. Discover villages and beautiful landscapes while enjoying the boat trip. It's a great way to relax on the water!

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