Towns and villages nearby

Towns and villages nearby

In the picturesque Southwest Friesland, there are several other attractive villages and towns that absolutely justify a visit. Due to their historical value and lively communities, they are of great importance for the regional heritage experience. Therefore, we have compiled an extensive list of carefully selected destinations that enrich your travel experience.



Sneek, beloved by water sports enthusiasts because of the Sneekermeer, also offers a rich history with monuments, old cityscapes, museums, and shopping opportunities. Enjoy snacks and drinks at the terraces, cafes, and restaurants of Sneek.


IJlst is also a beautiful town, most famous among people for the Frisian Eleven Cities Tour. This lovely city is characterized by its many historical buildings. The center has an elongated shape with beautiful lime trees. Settle down at one of the cozy terraces or excellent restaurants.


Workum is one of the oldest towns in Friesland and has much to offer. For example, the famous Jopie Huisman Museum, cozy terraces, and a rich history that can be seen in the center. But also, the nature surrounding the town is perfect for a delightful walk or bike ride.


Beach, ambience and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walk around the "Dock", the streets around the water in the centre. From Lemmer's beach, you can dive straight into the IJsselmeer. A 'must see' in Lemmer is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ir. D.F. het Woudagemaal, the largest functioning steam pumping station in the world! Sit out on the terrace at FEM on the dock , Brasserie No.14 or at La Gondola. Here you can enjoy drinks, lunch or dinner.


Stavoren is aan drie kanten omgeven door het IJsselmeer. Een bekende bezienswaardigheid is Het Vrouwtje van Stavoren en het voormalig Stadhuis. Bezoek ook het indrukwekkende elektrische J.L. Hooglandgemaal of een van de andere panden.

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