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Boat Rental

Complete your stay and rent a sloop from €155,- per day. Of course, you can also rent a sloop for a longer period, for example, a weekend, week, or midweek.

You can also rent a mooring for your boat for a longer period from us.


Sloop Rental

We have two beautiful new sloops available for rental. You can book these sloops during your stay. It is also possible to rent a sloop from us even if you are not a guest at the park.

The Amigo 485 Q sloop is a very spacious sloop, perfect for enjoying the water with the whole family or a group of friends. The boat is spacious and can accommodate up to five adults. The new sloops come fully equipped with, among other things, a canopy, 10hp motor (license-free), console with steering wheel, sun deck, and swim ladder. With this sloop, you can relax on the Frisian lakes, cruise the small and large canals, and enjoy the magnificent water landscape. Sail the beautiful route through the Luts near Balk or another scenic route. There are plenty of options available.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Round the Frisian Lakes | Boating route 40 km

With this boating route from the watersports village of Heeg, you'll embark on a diverse day trip across the beloved Frisian lakes and waterways. Thanks to the numerous bridges and aqueducts, water sports enthusiasts never have to wait for long. Along the way, you'll pass vibrant places such as Woudsend, Sloten, and Langweer. Each of them is worth stopping by. Explore the Elfstegentocht in Woudsend, admire the old bastions of Sloten, and enjoy a drink at a terrace under the lime trees in Langweer. You'll get to know the following waters: Heegemermar, Sleattemer Mar, Brandemar, Grutte Brekken, Tsjûkemar, Skarster Rien, Langweerder Wielen, Kufurd, and through the Jeltesloot, you'll sail back to Heeg.

Round trip Fluezen-Luts | boating route 34 km

This route really comes highly recommended. The beautiful sailing route in the south-west of Friesland takes you along two large lakes: the Sleattemer Mar and the Fleuzen. In addition, you sail a beautiful stretch through the forest, across the Luts. Finally, you sail right through the lively centres of Woudsend and Balk. With this route of almost 34 kilometres, you're in for a whole day. If you cruise at an average of 6 km/h, it will take about 6 hours. Note: The fairway classification is E on this route. This means that this waterway is accessible for boats with a maximum creep height of 1.95 m and a draft of 1 m. You cannot therefore sail this route with a very large boat.

Poelenroute |Only electric boating route 19Km

The Poelengebied between Heeg and Oudega SWF is a beautiful watery area where you can enjoy paddling a canoe or SUP or cruising around in an (electric) sloop. Here you will find a succession of small lakes and narrow ditches amid dense reed beds and low-lying meadows. Wide vistas with only farms and church towers in the distance give the Poelen area its true Frisian character. This 19-kilometre route takes about 3.5 hours. On part of this route, you have to pass under concrete culverts, which can only be done with a boat up to 2.50 m wide and 1.25 m high with a draught of 0.80 m. The part on the large lakes, however, can also be done with a larger boat.

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